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Introducing a legal services plan designed with the average person in mind! Using a prepaid plan for legal services, instead of going directly to an attorney’s office, allows you to pay a small membership fee and use the available services when you need them. You purchase insurance to cover other unexpected incidents in life, and the Phoenix Legal Services Plan allows you to have legal services on hand, when you need them!


Benefits include:


1. Advice and consultation from a plan attorney that can save you and your loved ones needless expenses and hardship. Each month that you participate in the Phoenix Plan, you have access to your Plan Attorney for one-half hour of phone consultation. If you have a situation that requires more service, and want to utilize your Plan Attorney, you will receive a 25% discount off his or her normal fees.


2. Before you sign that contract or lease, make sure it’s in your best interest. Don’t make the mistake that so many people make by signing a document that they have questions about or don’t fully understand. Each year that you participate in the Phoenix Plan, you can have a legal document, up to ten pages long, reviewed at no additional charge.


3. Great discounts!! All too often, people put off preparing Wills, Powers of Attorney and other essential estate documents because the cost can be high, or there simply isn’t time to deal with it. With the Phoenix Plan, you can have these important documents prepared to your specifications by a Plan Attorney for a fraction of the normal prices – without the need to take time away from your busy schedule to visit the attorney’s office.


4. What if you paid for a product or service that doesn’t live up to its claims, but the company you bought it from refuses to correct the situation? Maybe a call or a letter from your attorney will give you the extra advantage you need. Each year that you participate, you can have one phone call made or letter written on your behalf concerning any personal legal matter.


Bad things do happen to good people. Doesn’t it make sense to protect yourself and your family?


Find out how simple and inexpensive it is to gain the peace of mind that comes with the common sense protection offered by the Phoenix Legal Services Plan.

Contact us for more information or to locate a representative in your area.